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Start Self-employment that does not cost so much:
- minimaler Kapitaleinsatz
- no expensive shop or stand rent
- no long-term commitment to a place of sale
- no expensive stock keeping
- minimal period of time to make yourself familiar with work
- gratis takeover of a functioning business idea
- your investment will quickly pay for itself.
You a boss!
Probably, Grillwalker is the most economical  square metre of selling area in the catering trade.
Profitability is our strength
Example: Retail price of one sausage = 1.50 €, all costs = 1.10 €, pre-tax profit = 0.40 €.
You may sell 400 sausages a day on an average place. Your profit will amount to 160.- €/day.
If you work 6 days a week, 4 weeks a month and 11 months a year, you will have amounting to

46.080,00 € annual gross earnings
There is a need for the following investment:
for the complete Grillwalker device4.900,00 €
car cold boxes250,00 €
car dishwasher w/ supply of water200,00 €
annual trade licence250,00 €
annual public liability insurance90,00 €
Amount of investment: 5.690,00 €
Can you imagine how quickly your investment will pay for itself?
And where is the snag?
There are still some things you will absolutely need:
power of endurance in the period of starting up your business which will be always difficult
a means of transport (car, bicycle with trailer .) for carriage,
hygiene and storage of foodstuffs, and a
Partner for effective work:
i.e. while one partner is selling, the other partner provides supplies.
You will need relieving every one - two hours in this work because it is
true that the grill weighs only 15.5 kg which can be carried
optimally by means of a carrying system, but you should
allow yourself to have breaks for the sake of your health.

Anyhow, that is our recommendation.
Of course, you might manage all functions by yourself.

1. To get in contact with Grillwalker.
2. To apply for a trading licence and health certificate.
3. To find a room with refrigerator, a means of transport and a partner.
4. To purchase a mobile grill device from Grillwalker.
5. To get down to business.
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