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Grillwalker is lightweight
The mobile grill device of Grillwalker
is a lightweight appliance because it
weighs only 15.5 kg. The weight is
optimally distributed to the hips,
shoulders and back of the vendor by
means of a system of carrying
straps. The gas bottle is situated
behind the back of the vendor.
A certain stock of foodstuffs is
disposed in the storage bin
between belly and grill. Thus, it
can be carried almost as easy
as if it would not exist or as if
it would be inspace weightlessness.
Grillwalker is top technology
- High-performance burner loop of category
   I3 B/P (mixture of butane and propane
   gases customary in trade)
- Nominal thermal power: 4.8 kW
- Inlet pressure: 50 mbar
- Gas supply value: 374 g / h (maximum)
- 2 kg gas bottle sufficient for 8 hours
- Use only for outdoor sites
- All gas bearing components have a DIN
  number of DVGW (umbrella organization
  for gas and water supply).
Grillwalker is safe
A CE prototype test guarantees safety. A tilt sensor shuts off the gas supply in case of a sloping position of 45, so that even in case of a collision or of a fit of giddiness or sudden feeling of faintness of the vendor an uncontrolled escape of gas will be prevented. Additionally, it has a central emergency stop by which the gas supply can be simply and quickly interrupted in a dangerous situation. We are proud of it: There has never been any accident.
Grillwalker has been certified
It complies with the basic requirements of the EC Directive 90/396 for gas burning installations and has the CE prototype test number E 3370. With it the Grillwalker may be admitted in all EU countries and put into the market.
Grillwalker is a beauty
The mobile grill device of Grillwalker is fine, Spartan, slimmed-down and has only the bare essentials for use, but the highest quality. It is a genuine eye-catcher.
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